To fully harness the capabilities of AIWiseMind, we need to connect to your WordPress site. This page outlines the permissions required and how AIWiseMind will interact with your site.

Understanding the Connection

Connecting to Your WordPress Site:
AIWiseMind uses the WP REST API and an application password to securely connect to your WordPress site. This connection enables seamless integration and automation of your content publication process.

Required Permissions

Admin Access:
For optimal automation, AIWiseMind requires admin-level access to your WordPress site. This access allows us to run various automated tasks effectively.

AIWiseMind Helper Plugin

Installation and Features:
Upon connection, AIWiseMind will automatically install the “AIWiseMind Helper” plugin on your site. This plugin is essential for providing all the features of AIWiseMind, including advanced automation functionalities.

Overcoming WordPress Limitations

Utilizing WP Console Plugin:
Due to certain limitations of the default WordPress REST API, AIWiseMind occasionally uses the “WP Console” plugin. This ensures that our service can perform tasks beyond the scope of the standard API, offering you a more comprehensive automation experience.

Your Consent

By connecting your WordPress site with AIWiseMind, you are acknowledging and consenting to the following:

  1. Admin Access: You grant AIWiseMind admin-level access to your WordPress site for executing automation tasks.
  2. Plugin Installation: You allow AIWiseMind to install and utilize the “AIWiseMind Helper” plugin on your site.
  3. Use of WP Console Plugin: You acknowledge that AIWiseMind will use the “WP Console” plugin as needed to enhance functionality.

We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of security and privacy. Your consent allows us to provide a seamless, efficient, and effective content publication automation service.